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In 1960s Florida, a young Cuban exile will risk her life--and heart--to take back her country in this exhilarating historical novel from the author of Next Year in Havana, a Reese Witherspoon Book Club pick.

Beautiful. Daring. Deadly. 

The Cuban Revolution took everything from sugar heiress Beatriz Perez--her family, her people, her country. Recruited by the CIA to infiltrate Fidel Castro's inner circle and pulled into the dangerous world of espionage, Beatriz is consumed by her quest for revenge and her desire to reclaim the life she lost. 

As the Cold War swells like a hurricane over the shores of the Florida Strait, Beatriz is caught between the clash of Cuban American politics and the perils of a forbidden affair with a powerful man driven by ambitions of his own. When the ever-changing tides of history threaten everything she has fought for, she must make a choice between her past and future--but the wrong move could cost Beatriz everything--not just the island she loves, but also the man who has stolen her heart...

April 9, 2019



Praise for When We Left Cuba


Chanel Cleeton follows the spectacular success of NEXT YEAR IN HAVANA with the sure-to-soar WHEN WE LEFT CUBA, continuing the saga of the exiled Perez sisters. Bold, unconventional Beatriz makes a heroine for the ages, burning to avenge her losses, aid her homeland, and carve out a more independent role for herself than the conventional marriage and motherhood expected by her family. A charismatic American senator offers Beatriz the chance of love in a new home, but a shadowy CIA spy holds out the possibility of molding Cuba's future, and Beatriz's choice will resound through the ages. A thrilling, thought-provoking read!

Kate QuinnNew York Times bestselling author of The Alice Network

Oozing with atmosphere and intrigue, When We Left Cuba is an evocative, powerful and beautifully written historical novel which had me completely captivated from the first page to the last. Take a bow, Chanel Cleeton! 

Hazel GaynorNew York Times bestselling author of The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter

A compelling unputdownable story of love—for a man, for a country, for a past ripped away, and a future’s tenuous promise. When We Left Cuba swept me away.

Shelley Noble, New York Times bestselling author of Lighthouse Beach

In a tale as tempestuous as Cuba itself, When We Left Cuba is the revolutionary story of one woman's bold courage and her many sacrifices for her beloved country. An absolutely spectacular read! 

Stephanie Thornton, author of American Princess

Beatriz Perez’s brand of vintage-Havana glamour dazzles with equal parts intrigue, rebellion, and romance to make for an unforgettable story. When We Left Cuba captures all of the suspense and drama of a fascinating period of Cuban-American history.

Elise Hooper, author of The Other Alcott

When We Left Cuba is a breathtaking book, and it captures what I love best about historical fiction--a story that grips my romantic heart, enlightens me about a time of which I know little, and leaves me thinking about it long after I'm done. If you loved Next Year in Havana, you’ll love When We Left Cuba.

Camille Di Maio, author of The Way of Beauty

A beautifully-written story set in a fascinating time, WHEN WE LEFT CUBA grabs you from the first page and keeps you turning pages until the end. A passionate, patriotic heroine pulled into espionage, a tension-filled era in Cuban-American relations, and a romance that could ruin the political ambitions of a man groomed for power- this book has it all.

Janie Chang, author of Dragon Springs Road

A slow burn in all the right ways, Beatriz's story is a cohesion of romance, revenge, and loyalty that kept me turning the pages until I learned her ultimate fate. Immersive and stirring!

Jenni L. Walsh, author of Side by Side



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